San Telmo

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Who We


A group of professional restaurateurs designed for Laredo a unique space where one may experiment a reminiscent sensation of being far away in both time and distance.
A classic elegance in the form of beautiful furnishings, the urbanism ever-present in the crystal chandelier adorned walls, windows dressed in velvet and modern design elements, all divide the main hall from the private room through a mirage that transports guests to the very streets of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.





The ideal place

to relive or create great stories

Upon sitting at San Telmo’s bar, one is encountered by a lofty image of a daily bohemian moment captured live in the distant Buenos Aires.
San Telmo’s signature cocktails are, without a doubt, a unique experience as they make use of traditional argentine ingredients such as yerba mate and dulce de leche, fused to recreate flavors from around the world.
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Entrees that will unlock new and invigorating sensations to your palate, followed by savoring fine Argentinean cuts and other noble meats both from land and sea, complimented with exquisite wines from Argentina, Spain, Italy and California. Finally, to end this journey on a high note, enjoy delectable desserts, making your brief yet magic experience at San Telmo, a culinary epiphany.


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